"On the day that the fiber TENCEL® was invented, a new chapter was written in the history of fibers. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen."

The study evaluates all the environmental impacts in the course of extracting the fiber and arrives at the conclusion that cotton’s toxic impact on fresh water and soil is enormous in comparison to TENCEL®. Another ecological advantage of TENCEL® is that the raw material wood, stems from forest plantations which practice sustainability. The cultivated forest land is not suitable for agriculture. In contrast, cotton uses productive agricultural land, which means it is competing with food production. Moreover, water consumption is 10 – 20 times lower than with cotton.

Eucalyptus fibre, often known by its brand name TENCEL®, is a revolutionary new plant-based fibre. Its exceptional natural characteristics for absorbency, hygiene and temperature regulation make it ideal for use in bedding.

TENCEL® – From Wood to Fiber to Your Home!

Softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton, the ecofriendly Tencel fiber is extracted from the raw wood material and is of botanic origin – sourced from the house of Lenzing in Canada and manufactured into bedding by REST Sleep Tech.

Tencel® is a trade mark of Lenzing in Austria.  REST Sleep Tech sources the fiber and fabric and manufacture a range of products including; Pillows, Mattress’s and Toppers from this material. We also use Tencel based fabric covers for softness as well as aiding with moisture management. REST is one of largest suppliers of Tencel® manufactured products.


  • Luxury:  Botanic Tencel® is derived from plantation timber.
  • Planet friendly: Tencel® uses significantly less chemicals and water than cotton in cultivation and production.
  • Hot Sleepers: High moisture absorption and dissipation makes Tencel® sheets ideal for hot sleepers.
  • Healthy: Tencel® has anti-bacterial properties and low allergen levels. 

The production of TENCEL ® is revolutionary. The production process is based on a solvent spinning process which represents the greatest achievement in cellulose fiber technology. More than 100 Lenzing patents have been granted at the international level for the invention of TENCEL ®. The unique closed loop process makes TENCEL® the fiber of the future since the solvent used is recycled by almost 100% in the closed loop process. This special process received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union.



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